Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So lets get this ball rolling.

Salutations Internets! I am your host and humble provider of this blog wishing to welcome you to my first post ever! Lucky you, random person who came across this blog by accident while searching for porn. So what is The Argent Quill? You might be asking yourself. Simply its the random musings of myself as I try and survive this crazy train that is life on planet earth and the various topics that keep me sane... Mostly. Not sure what the Updates will be like. We'll see how things progress.

Now as for today's topic? Hmm, Lets talk Warcraft.

Warcraft or more accurately World of Warcraft is a MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. In which you take control of a hero of one of two warring faction. The Alliance comprised of the typical Fantasy fair of  Human hailing from the kingdom of Stormwind, Dwarves a race of short but strong and curious humanoids with large beards, Elves a race of tall ponty eared fellows with a love of nature. (In blue berry flavor) and Gnomes tiny geniuses with steam punk technology. As well as their recent additions to their racial demography The Draenei a race of space aliens with blue skin, face tendrils and a love of holy magic and The Worgen who are basically Werewolves from the kingdom of Gilneas, They have British sounding accents.

Or The Horde comprised of Orcs green skinned alien warriors from another dimension, Trolls a race of tall creatures with fake Jamaican accents. The Minotaur like Tauren and the Undead remnant of the human civilization of lordaeron called the forsaken. They also have Blood Elves Magic addicted elves (in vanilla flavor.) and the diminutive Goblins who are like Gnomes but are crazy and have Jersey accents.

World of Warcraft is a game of mine that I have enjoyed for some time now. I joined the wow bandwagon around Wrath of The Lich King one of the games soon to be five expansions specifically the second.  Now It must be said that when I do nerdy things I go all out. So I used to do this strange hobby known as Roleplay. Its where one acts as if their character is actually living in the world that is being presented by the game. Giving him or her a personality and a back-story as well as goals and motivations.

I used to do this Alliance side on the Eathenring server but recently I have felt the need to seek out greener pastures. No offense to anyone that comes from ER that may come by this. So I Have recently decided to see how the other half lives. One transfer to Wyrmrest Accord and faction change later and I am now the proud player of a most esteemed Adventurer.

His name is Baeleruil and he is the handsomest Blood Elf warrior in all the land. Or at least he is in his own mind.
Look at that big strong elf! Look at him!

I picked Blood Elf cause I have always had a soft spot for elves. Dwarves too but mostly elves. I picked my Warrior because he was max level and warriors are awesome machines of either protection or destruction, Depending on how I kit him out.
Though I admit I thought about making him an Orc. Orcs have traditionally been strong but hunched over and somewhat ugly looking. Recently many of the older game models have been updated. Making Orcs look somewhat handsome in a rugged monster sort of way.

Still got that hunch though.

For the moment I haven't engaged in any Role play. Going to see if I can find a guild first. Maybe do some faffing about to try and get prettier armor or sword. But that's a discussion for another time.

Till next time... FOR THE HORDE!

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